On the occasion of an important sporting event presented by Franco Trentalance, apiedinudinelparco had the honor of participating as a sponsor for the award ceremony to former gymnast Juri Chechi and former Bologna soccer coach Luigi Mainardi.

Moreover, during the evening the first stage of the Miss Reginetta d’Italia contest was announced, a great resonance contest only to Miss Italia, where the brand apiedinudinelparco crowned the event with its accessories participating in the parade and the selection of Miss !

To host the 1 stage of Miss Reginetta d’Italia 2018, the beauty contest organized by Metaevent is the temple of the most traditional Bolognese cuisine, Nonno Rossi restaurant in Bologna., And the show of the comic duo composed by Dondarini and Dal Fiume that they will lose the opportunity to entertain and entertain players and guests.

To make the evening special will be the presence of some great athletes, in addition to the collaboration of well-known presenters and comedians: in fact Ugo Conti and Franco Trentalance will lead the rudder of the event, welcoming the expected guests Juri Chechi, Gigi Maifredi, Omar Camporese and Massimiliano Narducci, stars of the Italian sporting firmament.

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