apiedinudinelparco guest live at Rock’nRoll Vote where it says! 50 minutes to spend in the company of beautiful music and the most clicked video clips of the moment. There is no lack of gossip and curiosity from the web about the most popular characters of TV, sport, fashion and musical guests in the studio.

Ylena Mantovani ospite a Voto Rock’nRoll
Ylena Mantovani ospite a Voto Rock’nRoll in diretta a DI.TV

Nearco and Rock ‘n’ Roll girls are waiting for you every Tuesday live!

Ylena Mantovani invited by Valentina, a regular guest in broadcast to DI.TV where she offers talent, rather than original and interesting products that tells of the brand and the creations apiedinudinelparco.

Storytelling telling a brand

Well, it is not always easy to tell stories that evoke emotions, which transmit experiences and communicate values, convince by creating an emotional link between the public, the consumer and the narrated product. Nowadays it is no longer enough to focus on corporate communication on the benefits that a product or service would bring to the possible consumer, the latter being excited and involved in a narration.

During the episode we tried to tell in a light and fun way, with a bit of emotion, the product, the research. One thing that emerges is certain and it is being authentic.

Companies have a new way of communicating and entering into relationships with their customers: they give personality to the products and to the idea itself, which comes into contact, in empathy with the consumer. Below is the video of the episode

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