My friend Andrea Zanchini Fashion Model and Blogger of Bologna after more than 5 years of career as an international model begins to participate in several very famous commercials, of which I quote that punctuated by the slogan

“For the man who must never ask”

Here it is for us to wear the Chrissie Pc Folder in Tartan and real leather creation apiedinudnelparco

Made of tartan and genuine leather, it is a durable and lightweight, pleasant to the touch. It is characterized by a high quality workmanship and is offered at an attractive price. It is handcrafted using particularly resistant materials. Thanks to its elegant leather and Tartan lining it lends itself to harmonize with any style of clothing, to always be fashionable.

  • Multipockets
  • Resistant
  • Light

It is a multi-pocket model, both internal and external, which allows you to keep everything in perfect order. To signal the presence of an external leather band useful to insert the folder on the traction bar of the trolley.

  • Practice
  • Elegant
  • Zip closure

A well-made product will have quality stitching and a durable design that will not break or stain easily. Some items need a suitable period of time to express all their peculiarities, as usually they make the products apiedinudinelparco the folder will adapt to you and will become even better over time, like a pair of leather shoes.

With this type of organizer it will be easy to remember where the accessories and the objects you need are. The last thing you’d like to avoid is having to waste time when something is asked for, so make sure you’re prepared with an ordered folder.

You can search for the product on if you are interested in design style and avant-garde, where often artisan products are admired for their originality and attention to detail.

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