Bologna, 23rd July 2018 – In Via San Mamolo three evenings of taste are coming in the company of the great Bolognese chefs thanks to the first edition of the ‘Street Festival Gourmet’, an event organized by Re Sole Bistrot and Bluscuro by Angelo Bugamelli and Stefano Fiore, who the main event will be the Sun King. The initiative starts on Tuesday, July 24th and it will be possible to taste, besides the dish prepared by the special guest chef of the evening, also the menu of Re Sole Bistrot, accompanied by a careful selection of wines, champagne, cocktails and music.

Of the three evenings the one dedicated to fashion and the brand apiedinudinelparco is that of Thursday 26, where the chef Max Poggi will propose Illusion of raw-cooked, a tasting of gourmet spits. The evening will have as its brand ambassador Tequila, Pernod Ricard for Italy, Paolo Guasco, with the drinks Altos Margarita, Crafted Paloma and Salvia the Margarita. The DJ Maurizio Gubellini and Filippo Mignatti, directly from Polvere di Stelle, will create the musical atmosphere, while Peau d’Ange and Apiedinudinelparco will present their creations of fashion and feminine accessories. To frame the three evenings will be a car of Maresca and Fiorentino that will remain on display for all nights.

Here is the photo album dedicated to the evening

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