On the occasion of the Arte Fiera weekend, the brand apiedinudinelparco presented its fashion creations by participating with its female accessories at the fashion show in the prestigious location of Galleria Spazio 212 Via Galliera 2 / b in Bologna. There were over 500 people who visited us during the evening. The event organized by Bluscuro by Angelo Bugamelli and Stefano Fiore was a great success, in collaboration with the bistro and lounge bar I Conoscenti and Music dj MAXINE.  Following  the photo shoot of the great evening by Antonio Zac.


Models exposed as works of art on top of pedestals move like on a photographic set. The idea is that of a contemporary Mannequin. At the fashion show, both winter and spring flashes of Peaù d’Ange dresses and dream accessories apiedinudinelparco were presented, which are always a guarantee. This year the accessories were not lacking in the volumes of materials, glittering constructions of sequins, oversized jewel bags over-sized, all seasoned with unprecedented theatrical sets. Widening the field of vision to the clothes on the catwalk, however, you can see fantastic details: the accessories apiedinudinelparco become protagonists and keys to read surreal and fantastic atmospheres.

The creator of the collection apiedinudinelparco

Ylena Mantovani takes care of the entire creative and production process, from the conception to the execution of the first sample. It is therefore also an artisan: cuts, sews, revisits, elaborates, modifies and invents accessories and even personalized creations. He loves to define his “eclectic” style as it ranges from street style lines to much more sophisticated and elegant lines, often enriched with precious works, using contrasting colors, prints or embroideries. He often creates his accessories by assembling different kinds of materials playing with colors, trying to give an unmistakable touch that lacks the individual who claims his non-ordinary.

The Project apiedinudinelparco

Basically it creates man / woman and unisex lines.
The project was born with the first autumn-winter 2014 collection from an idea by Ylena Mantovani. The brand takes its name evoking its other great passion for the design of the garden and wants to be at the same time a tribute to the beloved film of the 60s by the name of the same name.

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