The Inventor

Ylena Mantovani, alumna stylist model maker to Bologna and certificates master web in pocket, self-acknowledged: “I have learned a lot of above all on the field, in the practice, and I have stolen some art and work to some creative ones and artisans of long experience that have placed side by side me in my formation.”

Ylena Mantovani takes care of the whole creative and productive trial, from the ideation to the execution of the first champion. And’ therefore also an artisan: ransom, sews, it revisits, it elaborates, change and it invents accessories and creations also personalized. It loves to define her style “eclectic” since it spaces from lines street lines more sophisticated and elegant style often enriched with precious workmanships using cromie to contrast, presses or embroideries. It often creates her accessories assembling different sons-in-law of materials playing with the colors trying to give an unmistakable touch that the individual that vindicates his not to be ordinary misses it.

Birth of the brand

The Project

It fundamentally creates lines man / woman and unisex.
The project is born with the first collection fall winter 2014 from an idea of Ylena Mantovani. The mark takes back the name evoking his other great passion for the garden design and wants to be at the same time a tribute to the beloved film of the years ’60 from the homonym name